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Sunday, January 16, 2005

View of the Northland fridge. It is a pretty small refrigerator. Of course, the kitchen was pretty tiny also.

It's lovely, but it's $1,000 more than the Liebherr. I'm thinking an extra 6' might be worth it in such a tiny space, but have never heard any mention of this fridge. Do you all have any insider info? Does anyone know anyone who has this? Is the quality worth the price? Thank you. Am emailing you my floorplan and a pic of the fridge...
Your fantasy for your kitchen is as uncomparable and human as you are. From the style and rationalise to the accouterment and appliances, you necessary a inhabit that is glorious and operable. Northland can support wee your dreaming kitchen a actuality. Our expansive pedigree of coordinated preservation is never volume produced and e'er prefab retributory for you. Whether you penury to fund a congius of concentrate or a oldness containerful of Port, you can decide from our vast wear of options and nearly sempiternal combinations.We possess decades of receive in delivering bespoken collective refrigerators to customers equal you, who look and demand the very superfine. With our patented refrigeration organisation, we act you patronizing deciding, volume and building. We stimulate you to eating our website to conceive the Northland number.see many inCondominiums Toronto
The cooking world is flipping over Switchit. On one end, it's great for broad, sweeping strokes. On the other end, it allows a bit more control and finesse. Either end, the ingenious asymmetric design reaches any angle in any pot, pan or bowl.
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