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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Custom cabinetry with nice built in rails, racks, etc

When we were bulding our house, one of the favorite topics of conversation was who was going to build our cabinets. These discussions turned into a who’s who session where people complained about or complimented the guy(s) who built their kitchen cabinets. They threw around phrases like crown molding, custom height, european hinges, plate rack, and work surface, all followed by another word - expensive. Some of the folks I talked to spent as much as $10,000 on nothing but kitchen cabinetry, not counting the counter tops. One lady told me that if it came down to choosing between custom kitchen cabinets and my son’s UT tuition, to pick the cabinets.I don’t want to make enemies of custom cabinet builders all over the country but I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. I have a 14’X16’ kitchen full of custom cabinets that cost about $2300, not counting the Corian counter top. I got exactly the layout I wanted, exactly the color I wanted, exactly the positioning I wanted and I didn’t have to wait on a list for some custom cabinet builder to have time to get to me — and I saved a ton of money. How? Three letters - DIY.
The Single Pedestal Cabinet has a locking pedestal section on one side which is usually equipped with rack mount rails for installing amplifiers, equalizers, power bar and any other rack mount equipment which doesn't require intervention during the service. The shelf also has a locking door which is piano hinged. This is where the Mixer, CD recorder and any other equipment which you need access to during operation is located.see more in...Toronto Condo
Plz tell me any online house building plans available in the internet like all the different plans available for a particular measurement...
I hand pick all wood that goes into our custom cabinetry, and offer paint grade or stain grade options. Our regular cabinets are made of either birch or oak, but if you have a certain species of wood you would like us to use....replica watch
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